A New Conception of

Ordinary Freedoms

Because the tech is owned

Rush started takign pain killers to aleviate chronic back pain. Apparently not for recreational use Once hooked on the prescription drugs the rest was just a matter of access I'm sure.

Maybe we should look at the reasons doctors would rather give patients lame pain killers (ibuprofin, motrin, etc) that do little to aleviate pain instead of perscribing morphine based painkillers that are effective and relativly cheap.

First off , Regarding Addiction , This country need's to get rid of the stigma attactched to addiction and the false beliefs with it . Unless this begins to take place nothing will be accomplished in the way of progress .. The War on Drugs is a joke and will never work , anybody with any clarity and depth will see this from the outset ! That said , Addiction entails far more deeper issues than is being addressed , one of the most key elements here being that of neurology ! Neurology has been ignored or shall I say not been looked into with vigor until a short few years ago ! Both mental condition and brain chemistry go hand in hand .. One effects the other .. Niether hold sway or is more important than the other and both need to be taken into account .. While we have come very far with therapy and rehabs ect.. there is the physical aspect of this problem that needs to be addressed with all the time and technology that we can muster .. It is not about will power or moral defect ! wish it were that easy ! It is more complicated than fixing a picture on wall that is off center , Move it a bit to the right or left to find it's perfect position . This problem is of many many layers and is deep and profound .. It involves both mental work as well as nuero ! Wake up america ! Stop flushing money down a drain with useless tactics .. Spend money where you can get result and stop viewing addiction from one point of view and start seeing it as the multi - layered thing that it is ! Reality is never simplistic , It is the make up of many things at once and there are no extremes !

If you're a broke nobody, then simple drug charges can be about on par with a death sentence. If you go to prison, you can pretty much forget about having a normal life. Even if you survive the psychological trauma, the bacteriological assault on your body will wreck you. There's probably nothing more hazardous to your health and well being than to have your life run by minimum wage prison guards.

Of course, if you're, say, Jeb Bush's daughter, then it is naught but a "private family matter", none of the public's business. How can politicians be in favor of the war on drugs, but yet so willing to grant exceptions for those that they love? It's simple: the "tough love" stance is all find and good if you're trying to get yourself elected, but doesn't seem like such a hot idea when it's your friend or family member being devoured by the system.

The whole drug war is just hypocrisy and mindless paternalism. Never mind that it creates a profitable black market that sucks in disenfranchised youths with its siren's call. I have never used any illegal drugs, nor do I have any particular desire to do so, irrespective of laws, but I find the drug war to be one of the most appalling attributes of American authoritarianism.